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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Very funny practical bored joke!

God bless whoever came up with this. Thats damn hilarious bored man. What an outstanding joke has been created and if's really natural that doesn't seem then fantastic joke could be called. wow! I've been looking for this video for a long time. Never thought that I will find it. This is fu*king hilarious. if i was the guy with the beer i wouldnt be able to keep a straight face at all. One bored day I have to do that joke on someone. How dumb is the guy getting hit. I thought you were lying about this being a commercial but damn your right the name of the drink is called V and this is a ad from new Zealand here in the states Hollywood has lost its imagination for what is truely funny. I have watched this about 30 times, and I laugh just as hard as the first time. I actually cry, I'm laughing so hard. Why the heck are they hitting each other with spoons in the first place? People with too much time on their hands... I got caught with this in the bored mid 80s. At a party. someone suggested we played 'spoons' and put 2 chairs in the middle of the room. We each took turns at hitting each other on the head. The other guy was
a good actor, I thought i was killing him. But when I bent down they were hitting me with a soup ladle. I fought on through the pain, thinking I
was going to win! Eventually they stopped the game, even when they showed me the ladle I had no idea what had been happening! very Funny.

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