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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

First question wrong on Who Wants to be a bored Millionaire

The 100 dollar question, the easiest question on the show.. wrong! Thats the american version....thats why he got it wrong. His face is priceless when he clocks that he got it wrong. It really was an easy question, if you look on the back of your kettle or Tv or any electrical appliance there is a sticker that says during a black out do not turn on during a black out in case of unexpected surge of electricity through the mains. This guy must either be a dumbass or live in the box. It will have cost him more to do the show than what he won! Wow, who ever doesn't know the answer to that question is dumb. What a complete dumbass. The way those questions are worded make the answer seem difficult. im cryin laughin right now. The only thing more stupid than him (he) is his haircut. I bet he became an alocholic after this. He gets drunk and reads the comments on youtube. That is hilarious, he didnt sleep all night, excited and shit because he's goin on the show, and he gets it wrong first question. I bet he got laughed at by every person he met for not knowing the answer to this. If I knew this dumbass, I'd never let him live this down. That is really sad and funny at the same time. He looked like he was about to cry. They should've edited this out of the whole show, what a disgrace and he's a college student?

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  1. I knew he was retarded when his eyes flickered around at 0:05


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