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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Moderator laughs at his bored guest!

This guy can´t stop laughing at his guest´s voice. To make things worse, there are two strange voices in his talk show. That laughter cost him his career, and he will remember for ever this "blooper". I found the translation and subtitled this video.Nobody should laugh at others the way he did, but he couldn´t help it. It is a COMEDY SHOW ! it is like 10-15 years old this clip... funny, but still a TV SHOW. It DID NOT cost him his career, it gave him a push. Thats the facts. Dude smokes a blunt before the show. Valair bored voice sounds like justin bieber singing. Finally found a subtitled version of thisl. The guy sounded like he was kicked in the nuts very hard . Oh, men... Wow can someone's carrer end like that...He was just laughing... See the blonde woman in the audience biting a hole through her bottom lip! So many people desperately holding it in except the the poor presenter! Actually this is not fake he said his career is over and he and show was fired... that's what made it so damn funny cause it was real. Everytimee this makes me laugh. ahaha i cant hold a straight face, especially with my cousin tooo has the funniest laugh ever!!! Oh man he sounds like a bored chicken i cant stop laughing either. Laughing is a natural prosess and its suposed to tell you that something is seriously wrong, or just hilarious, moral is dont go on bored televison if your voice is weird.

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