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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Random things are fun! For bored people.

These guys are obnoxiously outrageous, and i love it. i live in halifax and see these guys all the time. 902 stand up. You lose..... Euthanasia...The Old Fashioned Way.... Pegasus Pegasus.Is your name lynn? then stay the fu*k home! b*tch... the amount of times i have quoted this video is unbelievable mum: "eat your pancake with your fork" me: "THIS PANCAKE IS MY HAND". First video to actually make me lol!! I get everything except for the Mohammed and the Bee bit. What was that about? "....Then there was a guy with a penis on his head, then a pegasus
flew by and then some guy got shanked by a deer-""Mhm, that's great grandma..." Its just that was bored mohammed ali's catch phrase. he floated around his opponents like a butterfly, but he wasnt bored harmless he could sting like a bee. Though tbh he couldve made it a bit more aggressive... run like a squirrel, attack like a cougar... yes!!!!!! steak mittens business lobster and lobster grand children. Wow...this is awesome given physical head just exploded from AWESOMENESS! This is so random and so funny. i literally could not finish watching
this video it almost made my head explode. good work though

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