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Friday, 24 September 2010

The two bored cute talking cats

Stina and Mossy usually fight instead of communicate, so this was an odd moment. They kept "talking" for about 1 hour, constantly. Alot of questions have been asked concerning their relation to each other, gender and so on. They are not related in any way, both are females, approximately 10 years of age when this footage was taken. Mossy is the bored one to the left, which makes Stina the one on the right side. They are both still healthy and vigorous. I wish my cat meowed like that!so adorable..when my cat has something to's all Mouurrrrrr Mrrruurrmmmm!!! I love this video! My family actually have a boy cat that looks exactly bored like Stina and sounds like her too! He does the chirpy voice and everything! Actually, you can kinda see the tail of the left's one at some point while it is moewing like that, either that, my vision/hearing really is bad or that person have some magical hands. (or is really sneaky, all of them works, I guess). It sounds like they are bored practicing saying the word, "cat". If you listen carefully, it often sounds like they are saying, "mmmm cat".Watch the back of the cat on the right. The fur hunches up. To make cats meow like this, you scratch the base of their tails. That's why you can't see the whole body of either cat. Someone is off screen scratching each one's tail and then moving to the other cat. Cute, but a little bothersome. It'd be like hitting your reflex on your kneecaps and saying: "Magic moving leg!"

Indian bored Nipple Song!

Water travels up. An Indian song "translated" into English. (Dilbar Dilbar). Being a Hindi speaking guy (the language of this song), and having grown up in the era of these songs, I cannot find it as amusing as the other bored translations... But I am sure they must make sense to others who have never spoken the language... I on my part could only hear the words sung and not make sense of the 'translation' .Seriously, they couldn't have found a more attractive man to be her prop in the video?The most amusing part was reading the comments of people who thinks the
translation is true. When you actually understand what the bored song says, its hard to comprehend the lyrics! but they are still hilarious! the word nipple is actually dilber meaning love! It is commonly known that there is no gravity in india but they invented small packs filled with snack-pack brand pudding that reacts with the earths gravity and pulls them closer to the ground. She was probably beheaded soon after making this video for exposing her shoulders. Wonderful song, but some people might blow it out of porportion and say your making fun of their culture when that is clearly NOT the case, you are just trying to uplift people after a bored hard days work.

Funny dog with long bored tongue!

He is in the guinness book for the bored dog with longest tongue. Not at all. The first thing I thought was not "awww how cute" but "poor baby, that must be so uncomfortable." There is clearly something wrong with his tongue and abnormal and i wonder if it can be fixed instead of being exploited but Puggy's tongue is abnormal, but I assure you that he lives a very happy,healthy &active doggy life. I live with him 24/7 & believe me, I would know if his was suffering or in pain, but this is not the case at all! He's adapted to his bored tongue amaziingly well, afterall, that's all he knows. Since his tongue doesn't effect his quality of life, there's no need to subject him to major surgery that could possibly end his life! I am PROUD is mine! That's just the cutest thing. Puggy looks just like my baby Lucky... Except bored Lucky is missing something.. 4 inches of extra toungue! There's nothing wrong with Puggy. Puggy eats with his tongue, since he can't get teeth to food contact, but he manages just fine though. I chop his food up into small pieces and this enables him to eat with ease! He lives a happy normal doggy life otherwise!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Very funny practical bored joke!

God bless whoever came up with this. Thats damn hilarious bored man. What an outstanding joke has been created and if's really natural that doesn't seem then fantastic joke could be called. wow! I've been looking for this video for a long time. Never thought that I will find it. This is fu*king hilarious. if i was the guy with the beer i wouldnt be able to keep a straight face at all. One bored day I have to do that joke on someone. How dumb is the guy getting hit. I thought you were lying about this being a commercial but damn your right the name of the drink is called V and this is a ad from new Zealand here in the states Hollywood has lost its imagination for what is truely funny. I have watched this about 30 times, and I laugh just as hard as the first time. I actually cry, I'm laughing so hard. Why the heck are they hitting each other with spoons in the first place? People with too much time on their hands... I got caught with this in the bored mid 80s. At a party. someone suggested we played 'spoons' and put 2 chairs in the middle of the room. We each took turns at hitting each other on the head. The other guy was
a good actor, I thought i was killing him. But when I bent down they were hitting me with a soup ladle. I fought on through the pain, thinking I
was going to win! Eventually they stopped the game, even when they showed me the ladle I had no idea what had been happening! very Funny.

Don't ever scare bored black people

Notice that he didnt get scared a bit!! haha he just reacted. I like how he just fell straight back down and that will be funny if he broke anything. I love how after the punch he transforms into an owl with wings and tried to camouflage with the wall to try to get away with it. Nooottt this time! Black people have developed a keen six sense when white men jump out of nowhere wearing a mask, there instant reaction is to punch them directly in the face. This keen reaction they developed came from the bored days when there people where in bondage and slavery. Yeah
so um I tested this at school the other day and not only did the black bored student punch me in the face and gave me a nose bleed. This is true, his punch broke his entire face. I like how he turns his head like a robot. This happened to my friend! He scared the parent of one of the kids and he got punched in the face! My friend doesn't go trick or treating anymore. I'd bring this guy with me to dark,dangerous places anytime. How can someone bored say that this is fake because someone is laughing because if I was there I would laugh even if I got punched I
would laugh that's funny.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bored kid looks excited!

Kid gets an n64 for christmas and gets way too excited. The result of bored kids using drugs in their early years. And 6 years later he turns into angry gamer .This never gets old A NINTENDO SIXTY FOUR!!!!!and a remote control car... :l in the backgranound you can hear someone saying i think their exited .What year is this from? If it's anywhere on the past 5 years then they ae deprived children. A remote control car just doesn't compare. He opens that other present and you can tell he's thinking, cool but a fail compared to the Nintendo SIXTY FOOUUR! that fist pump is always gonna be my favorite part of this video.. I remember I did the same thing around 12 years ago. I also got my Power Rangers bored toy and I was pretty psyched. Good old childhood memories. i wondered what they would do if you went back to that year and gave them a xbox or a wii I think the girl didnt even know what a nintendo 64 is... She only liked to act like her bored brother and scream. Funny thing, my reaction to getting N64 was kind-of similar, but then again I was probobly younger than those two.

First question wrong on Who Wants to be a bored Millionaire

The 100 dollar question, the easiest question on the show.. wrong! Thats the american version....thats why he got it wrong. His face is priceless when he clocks that he got it wrong. It really was an easy question, if you look on the back of your kettle or Tv or any electrical appliance there is a sticker that says during a black out do not turn on during a black out in case of unexpected surge of electricity through the mains. This guy must either be a dumbass or live in the box. It will have cost him more to do the show than what he won! Wow, who ever doesn't know the answer to that question is dumb. What a complete dumbass. The way those questions are worded make the answer seem difficult. im cryin laughin right now. The only thing more stupid than him (he) is his haircut. I bet he became an alocholic after this. He gets drunk and reads the comments on youtube. That is hilarious, he didnt sleep all night, excited and shit because he's goin on the show, and he gets it wrong first question. I bet he got laughed at by every person he met for not knowing the answer to this. If I knew this dumbass, I'd never let him live this down. That is really sad and funny at the same time. He looked like he was about to cry. They should've edited this out of the whole show, what a disgrace and he's a college student?

Moderator laughs at his bored guest!

This guy can´t stop laughing at his guest´s voice. To make things worse, there are two strange voices in his talk show. That laughter cost him his career, and he will remember for ever this "blooper". I found the translation and subtitled this video.Nobody should laugh at others the way he did, but he couldn´t help it. It is a COMEDY SHOW ! it is like 10-15 years old this clip... funny, but still a TV SHOW. It DID NOT cost him his career, it gave him a push. Thats the facts. Dude smokes a blunt before the show. Valair bored voice sounds like justin bieber singing. Finally found a subtitled version of thisl. The guy sounded like he was kicked in the nuts very hard . Oh, men... Wow can someone's carrer end like that...He was just laughing... See the blonde woman in the audience biting a hole through her bottom lip! So many people desperately holding it in except the the poor presenter! Actually this is not fake he said his career is over and he and show was fired... that's what made it so damn funny cause it was real. Everytimee this makes me laugh. ahaha i cant hold a straight face, especially with my cousin tooo has the funniest laugh ever!!! Oh man he sounds like a bored chicken i cant stop laughing either. Laughing is a natural prosess and its suposed to tell you that something is seriously wrong, or just hilarious, moral is dont go on bored televison if your voice is weird.

Random things are fun! For bored people.

These guys are obnoxiously outrageous, and i love it. i live in halifax and see these guys all the time. 902 stand up. You lose..... Euthanasia...The Old Fashioned Way.... Pegasus Pegasus.Is your name lynn? then stay the fu*k home! b*tch... the amount of times i have quoted this video is unbelievable mum: "eat your pancake with your fork" me: "THIS PANCAKE IS MY HAND". First video to actually make me lol!! I get everything except for the Mohammed and the Bee bit. What was that about? "....Then there was a guy with a penis on his head, then a pegasus
flew by and then some guy got shanked by a deer-""Mhm, that's great grandma..." Its just that was bored mohammed ali's catch phrase. he floated around his opponents like a butterfly, but he wasnt bored harmless he could sting like a bee. Though tbh he couldve made it a bit more aggressive... run like a squirrel, attack like a cougar... yes!!!!!! steak mittens business lobster and lobster grand children. Wow...this is awesome given physical head just exploded from AWESOMENESS! This is so random and so funny. i literally could not finish watching
this video it almost made my head explode. good work though

Funny reasons to not consume drugs. He was maybe bored.

10 reasons to not consume drugs when you drive. Damn, even if you were bored and high how the hell could you glue your face to the wheel... oh wait I forgot a friend of mine did it sober. Fantastic! gets better every time I watch. Extasy is the best in this video. Wait... i shouldn't smoke weed while driving because i will laugh. Excellent ,i hope every bored kid around the world could learn from this! say no to drugs, say yes to life! A Latvian friend showed this to me three or four hours ago, I don't speak German but I still haven't stopped pissing myself laughing at it downright dirty. So be aware of drugs it's bad as you can see he won't ever arrive to the spot he wanted. But it looks funny well this guy has some nice "reason videos" you should watch them it's really funny for bored people.

There's no way to don't laugh even you are bored!

Chain laughing mostly on skype. BuckHead shows Bubba and Melanie a Chain Laugh video and hopes to keep it going. Well you know when you see something funny and you can't stop laughing and what about if you are watching someone laughing and that is all about. This video is really dedicated for bored people there you will laugh even you actually don't want. The best video ever! i laughed all the time . Old man going hyon hyon made me laugh. I tried to watch the hole thing without smiling or laughing. i busted out laughin. Blackman laughing shaking his head made me burst out laughing. It shows how nice is when you just smile or laugh so keep it going and laugh with them. Be part of the big chain that is actually on youtube or create a new video.

Funny Neverending story "I'm so bored Falco"

I'm so bored Falco - well that guy is right.The inhabitants of Fantasia have a Friday night Never-Ending-Party. Say my name Bastien SAY MY NAME!!!! Wow Really Funny Video its Funny when that  cop gets knocked down. And then the boy took a big crap. The never ending story is BRILLIANT, this is rather clever.
The ones with the big heads (There are actually at least 2) are from the bored original movie, where they are seen in the background when all the messengers gather at the Ivory Tower. Their similar look to Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) is just a coincidence - The movie this sketch is based on was made back in 1984, while SAW started around 2002. The Big Heads are even in the book, they're mentioned in the 19. Chapter ("S" "The Fellowship") and are identified as cephalopodes. I just laughed so hard at him hoovering Falco. Those look like big strong hands! They are bored. Thats classic, never thought id see a never ending story spoof, seth green i love you.I like that kind of Type of filming, its a very hard work, nice job. I've done some of that in school for my friends project. The dragon used to scare the crap out of me when I was about 4-7.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How English sounds funny? Watch this bored guy.

Well this video is about that exact thing when you don't have the right pronunciation. Sounds more like bored african accent than italian I think. Can't...stop...laughing this is just great video. My all time favorite video ! Much fun the confusion of words, but poor to happen to him in truth. I wouldn't find it offensive at all it's just a funny video trying to make a point that they don't understand each other very well they could have picked anyone! So just watch that video laugh then move in to your boring life ok! But still italians look really cute while speaking English. It comes out that way by accident. This is soo funny and true. I was drinking water and this made me spit it out all on my laptop because it was soo darn funny.... Then the repair bills came and I wasn't bored... I have watch this video about 25 time and I cant stop laughing or watching it all over again.

Drugs are fun

Black Dynamite visits the set of beloved 1970s television show "Ding Dong Roar" with an anti-Smack message. All the classic characters are here -- Funky Feline (voiced by Tallyhoo Rasulaboo) and Strange Little Alien Child join in this classic anthem of drug abstinence. Original footage provided courtesy of Fight Smack In The Orphanage. "But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs in the community" I have watched this movie 8 times already and it just gets funnier everytime!! Great spoof, though Joe Raposo is probably spinning in his grave right now. The worst part is, these kids are orphans....and orphans don't have parents! The music for this is actually REALLY good. I'm gonna be honest, that bored lion-looking dude scares me. I don"t know where i get this idea but im pretty sure this is actually promoting drugs so I'm bored. I finally saw Black Dynamite. AWESOME after watching nobody should be bored.. Movie of the year for all the bored people. I learned something new today!
Thanks Black Dynamite. Him going up that slide backwards just does something to me. It is ALSO true that he is "righteous". I just bought this movie, it was very funny. That's Michael Jay White, also known as SPAWN. He rules that 'fro, though.

Bored grandma likes to play Xbox!

Grandma just finished up Overlord on her 360 recently. She was pretty much maxed out with armor, weapons and minions, but that didn't quite help her with this guy so she was a bit bored. I think she was trying to rush him when a war of attrition would have worked better.Anyway, this is the result.For more of Grandma, come visit her. Her gamerscore is just over 12,240 right now. She's still chasing some acheivements in Overlord, but the final one in Catan is the one she really wants. Granma is playing the best she can!!!! She is awesome GO GRANDMA!!!!! She is bored so that is why she always says fu*ker. I wish she was my grandma. You get a console but won"t have a chance to play with it if you give her to play. It is funny when the guy on the game screams " Noooooo!", and then she follows up with "Noooooooo!" She licked her lips 49 times. It was the most amazing thing ever! I never saw anything like this human being. It is very funny! I want a grandma like that. I love the way she says fu*k, this is the best. What are these blue things shes talking about? I just wasn't bored by watching this.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Funny difference between bored guys and girls!

This video shows the funny difference between guys and girls. Everyone likes different things. This never gets old. It is a men's dream to have it at home. I cant stop watching this,bloody hilarious.the guy flapping his hands and pulling that face..fantastic. This advert kills me! That guys face! He looks like he may have just laid an egg! Agree, probably the best ad I have ever seen. Absolutely one of the best commercial ever made. Every man deserves his own walk in fridge! When I first saw this advert I fell off my sofa from laughing so hard. One of the best recent ads I have seen! That girls were bored anyway. This is probably the best commercial in the world. First thing I am going to do when i get a house is get a fridge like this. Does anybody know who designed this advert? I do not care what other people say.. But I love heineken beer. And this commercial is funny and it never gets you bored. Saw this on tv yesterday and had to hunt it down for future reference. Hilarious and always good to do the reverse twist. Shows the stupidity of certain behaviours. This is so funny cause it would be so true.

Bored Michael Jackson funny dancing fail!

This video shows one guy trying to dance like a Michael Jackson well he felt. I will never ever, NEVER EVER, get bored of this one!!!! Ever!!!.......... Never!!! NO WAY!! Tears in eyes, belly hurts, catching my breath, cant stop watching over and over what a funny video. Epic Fail! Me and my brother almost pee. Oh my god, this is the most funniest thing I've ever seen ! My classmate even fell off his chair and cried! It doesn't matter how many times you watch it, even after a million times it's still funny. He was really good till he you know felt. It must hurts but they weren't bored at all. Total epic shipment of fail right there ...god my stomach hurts. Well actually the wall saved him, because if it wasn't there he would fall onto his face. This is real cool the best dance ever. After watching this I promise you won't be bored. Classic funny epic fail. Still laugh everytime that is hilarious. Punishment of Micheal Jackson then this dude did wrong. BONK. In the Face. Cant breathe. Laughing like hell. Sounds like Scooby Doo when they run threw all the doors, when they guy slips.

Funny dancing parrot must be really bored

Funny Snowball (TM) dances to exerpts of "Black or White", "Rock With You", and "Billie Jean" as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Regardless of musical taste, many can agree that Michael Jackson was an incredible entertainer. This one's for you, Michael! Snowball (TM) is a medium sulphur crested cockatoo who resides at Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable bird rescue and sanctuary located in northwest Indiana. He never gets bored of dancing. Please visit his main web site to receive Snowball DVDs, tshirts, and other items in return for your donations. Your donations provide quality vet care, food, toys, and other supplies for the parrots at the sanctuary. The birds at Bird Lovers Only Rescue thank you for your generous support! Please also his blog for up to the minute news regarding Snowball and his whereabouts. Please visit Snowball on Facebook. He already knew how to dance when he arrived. He just began dancing when he was bored one day when he lived with his previous owner. His dances have become more elaborate over time. No training at all. He just loves to dance to music. We learned about Snowball's love for music the day that his previous owner came here to relinquish him to Bird Lovers Only Rescue. He brought a CD of Snowball's favorite music and we watched while he danced to it. I can't get enough of this bird. He is better than all kinds of bored birds. I love him so much. My husband and I were rocking out with the bird lol. Ahhhh my god, amazing, wish my bird could dance like this. Wow this bird has some great rhythm! He must impress alot of other female parrots. Michael Jackson wasn't bored after watching this I guess. R.I.P

Funny skateboarding dog? He isn't bored!

Extreme funny Pete dog, train your dog to do this. This is Pete now famous skateboarding dog RIPPING the ramps at the SKATELAB in CALIFORNIA.These
are just a few of the tricks that he can perform. He was trained with positive reinforcement, never abused in any ways, and he loves to do everything that you see on this video. Do you want to teach your dog how to do this and more? Then watch this video. This video never gets bored. I was watching animal planet and extreme pete was on it. The owner said he passed away from old age. Great dog. Most spectacular video I have ever seen. Great work. Thats not cruel at all. The dog loves skatebaording. I see nothing wrong with it the dog obviously likes it, and is pretty good. He doesn't even look bored. Is this dog better than you sk8 guys? Thats awesome and I love the backround music. I wish my dog could do that!
but he is actully bored of skateboarding. How does he do that? I think it is the worlds first pro-skateboarding dog. Dogs are active animals and love doing activities like this.I thought this was fake at first till I saw a whole show with it on tv and it wasn't bored. Tony Hawk left sport after watching this. Wow!! He is way better than me! And he's a dog...Wow! that'so cool!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cheating bored girlfriend caught

 This is fun, girl was caught cheating on her boyfriend by webcam. Girls keep saying that men are the ones who cheat but I actually think girls cheat a lot more than guys. They just want a varietyI think it wasn't fake and It wasn't boring also. it's sad but funny. Well the are not faithful girls out there anymore. The black guy was either robbing the place or about to rape her. Or they were all bored? I just hear the word fake so much, it annoys me. They say faje becuase they are all bored trolls. Here we go with the racist comments again. Cracker this and nigger that. Do not that thing ever get old and tired? The funny part is every pissed off comment is obviously from a white boy. Chill out this video is real. The world we live in and the people that on it. I take that back it is not the world because that was a blessing given to us to live on. It is the people and their jacked up families raising their kids to hate others. I am bored of people like these flamers. Check this video out.
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