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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bored kid looks excited!

Kid gets an n64 for christmas and gets way too excited. The result of bored kids using drugs in their early years. And 6 years later he turns into angry gamer .This never gets old A NINTENDO SIXTY FOUR!!!!!and a remote control car... :l in the backgranound you can hear someone saying i think their exited .What year is this from? If it's anywhere on the past 5 years then they ae deprived children. A remote control car just doesn't compare. He opens that other present and you can tell he's thinking, cool but a fail compared to the Nintendo SIXTY FOOUUR! that fist pump is always gonna be my favorite part of this video.. I remember I did the same thing around 12 years ago. I also got my Power Rangers bored toy and I was pretty psyched. Good old childhood memories. i wondered what they would do if you went back to that year and gave them a xbox or a wii I think the girl didnt even know what a nintendo 64 is... She only liked to act like her bored brother and scream. Funny thing, my reaction to getting N64 was kind-of similar, but then again I was probobly younger than those two.

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