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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How English sounds funny? Watch this bored guy.

Well this video is about that exact thing when you don't have the right pronunciation. Sounds more like bored african accent than italian I think. Can't...stop...laughing this is just great video. My all time favorite video ! Much fun the confusion of words, but poor to happen to him in truth. I wouldn't find it offensive at all it's just a funny video trying to make a point that they don't understand each other very well they could have picked anyone! So just watch that video laugh then move in to your boring life ok! But still italians look really cute while speaking English. It comes out that way by accident. This is soo funny and true. I was drinking water and this made me spit it out all on my laptop because it was soo darn funny.... Then the repair bills came and I wasn't bored... I have watch this video about 25 time and I cant stop laughing or watching it all over again.

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