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Monday, 20 September 2010

Funny skateboarding dog? He isn't bored!

Extreme funny Pete dog, train your dog to do this. This is Pete now famous skateboarding dog RIPPING the ramps at the SKATELAB in CALIFORNIA.These
are just a few of the tricks that he can perform. He was trained with positive reinforcement, never abused in any ways, and he loves to do everything that you see on this video. Do you want to teach your dog how to do this and more? Then watch this video. This video never gets bored. I was watching animal planet and extreme pete was on it. The owner said he passed away from old age. Great dog. Most spectacular video I have ever seen. Great work. Thats not cruel at all. The dog loves skatebaording. I see nothing wrong with it the dog obviously likes it, and is pretty good. He doesn't even look bored. Is this dog better than you sk8 guys? Thats awesome and I love the backround music. I wish my dog could do that!
but he is actully bored of skateboarding. How does he do that? I think it is the worlds first pro-skateboarding dog. Dogs are active animals and love doing activities like this.I thought this was fake at first till I saw a whole show with it on tv and it wasn't bored. Tony Hawk left sport after watching this. Wow!! He is way better than me! And he's a dog...Wow! that'so cool!

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