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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bored grandma likes to play Xbox!

Grandma just finished up Overlord on her 360 recently. She was pretty much maxed out with armor, weapons and minions, but that didn't quite help her with this guy so she was a bit bored. I think she was trying to rush him when a war of attrition would have worked better.Anyway, this is the result.For more of Grandma, come visit her. Her gamerscore is just over 12,240 right now. She's still chasing some acheivements in Overlord, but the final one in Catan is the one she really wants. Granma is playing the best she can!!!! She is awesome GO GRANDMA!!!!! She is bored so that is why she always says fu*ker. I wish she was my grandma. You get a console but won"t have a chance to play with it if you give her to play. It is funny when the guy on the game screams " Noooooo!", and then she follows up with "Noooooooo!" She licked her lips 49 times. It was the most amazing thing ever! I never saw anything like this human being. It is very funny! I want a grandma like that. I love the way she says fu*k, this is the best. What are these blue things shes talking about? I just wasn't bored by watching this.

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