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Friday, 24 September 2010

Indian bored Nipple Song!

Water travels up. An Indian song "translated" into English. (Dilbar Dilbar). Being a Hindi speaking guy (the language of this song), and having grown up in the era of these songs, I cannot find it as amusing as the other bored translations... But I am sure they must make sense to others who have never spoken the language... I on my part could only hear the words sung and not make sense of the 'translation' .Seriously, they couldn't have found a more attractive man to be her prop in the video?The most amusing part was reading the comments of people who thinks the
translation is true. When you actually understand what the bored song says, its hard to comprehend the lyrics! but they are still hilarious! the word nipple is actually dilber meaning love! It is commonly known that there is no gravity in india but they invented small packs filled with snack-pack brand pudding that reacts with the earths gravity and pulls them closer to the ground. She was probably beheaded soon after making this video for exposing her shoulders. Wonderful song, but some people might blow it out of porportion and say your making fun of their culture when that is clearly NOT the case, you are just trying to uplift people after a bored hard days work.

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