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Friday, 24 September 2010

Funny dog with long bored tongue!

He is in the guinness book for the bored dog with longest tongue. Not at all. The first thing I thought was not "awww how cute" but "poor baby, that must be so uncomfortable." There is clearly something wrong with his tongue and abnormal and i wonder if it can be fixed instead of being exploited but Puggy's tongue is abnormal, but I assure you that he lives a very happy,healthy &active doggy life. I live with him 24/7 & believe me, I would know if his was suffering or in pain, but this is not the case at all! He's adapted to his bored tongue amaziingly well, afterall, that's all he knows. Since his tongue doesn't effect his quality of life, there's no need to subject him to major surgery that could possibly end his life! I am PROUD is mine! That's just the cutest thing. Puggy looks just like my baby Lucky... Except bored Lucky is missing something.. 4 inches of extra toungue! There's nothing wrong with Puggy. Puggy eats with his tongue, since he can't get teeth to food contact, but he manages just fine though. I chop his food up into small pieces and this enables him to eat with ease! He lives a happy normal doggy life otherwise!

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