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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

This guy found the easiest way to earn cash from blogging (TREND)

Trendy Candy from Trendy Ad Money recently found the easiest way to earn money online from commercial ad websites like adFly, Clicksor and such. Well this going to be insane.

It is the easiest way around to earn some cash.

Another fast way of online money making.

Best way to earn quick cash.
Trendy Candy made:
3$ from FreePayPerDownload
8$ from AwesomePayPerClick
20$ from MasterPayPerView
31$ from all and that's 1$/day right? That's what I said and it's just the beginning. (that's from some movie right? whatever)

So to get 31$ in one month, which sounds awful and is actually pretty simple, you have to make a lameass blog because all my blogs are absolutely useless blogs, well not all I got some proper and some crappy (passive blogs) ones.

30$ no effort just sitting

40$ no effort just sitting and moving your hand slowly

80$ still little but rather no effort

150$ little effort

270$ finally doing nothing number one

470$ decent effort

The key is?
The easiest way
AdFly + Clicksor + BillionUploads + His Trendy Guide-->   40-1600$/month

What to post? What is trendy and a GOLDMINE?

Ok so now you see the earnings it's all nice right? But what you will write about lol? right? Where you are going to post links so people can find your content? In my guide I will show you my blogs with some trending topics which people are desperate for. Then you will see where I share links. What keywords are people searching for (so you see how people think, some words are really funny and searched a lot!). So in case you can't choose between my trends that I will share with you then you can easily copy one of my blogs lol. I don't care.

What you will get from Trendy Candy?
Important tips about SEO,about what to write, about where to post, about trends including news, issues, popular junk which people search for. All you can find here in my guide. Why I sell it? Well I found this method so why should I give it totally free am I dumb or something? With this guide,  guide, I mean that one I'm giving out right now you can make way more money than right now. Because I learned from mistakes and my experience is now yours.

If you don't want that guide and actually you know how to setup whole blog and what to write about, you know the trend, where to share your links, what not to do and what you should do then you can start your journey here.

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