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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cheating bored girlfriend caught

 This is fun, girl was caught cheating on her boyfriend by webcam. Girls keep saying that men are the ones who cheat but I actually think girls cheat a lot more than guys. They just want a varietyI think it wasn't fake and It wasn't boring also. it's sad but funny. Well the are not faithful girls out there anymore. The black guy was either robbing the place or about to rape her. Or they were all bored? I just hear the word fake so much, it annoys me. They say faje becuase they are all bored trolls. Here we go with the racist comments again. Cracker this and nigger that. Do not that thing ever get old and tired? The funny part is every pissed off comment is obviously from a white boy. Chill out this video is real. The world we live in and the people that on it. I take that back it is not the world because that was a blessing given to us to live on. It is the people and their jacked up families raising their kids to hate others. I am bored of people like these flamers. Check this video out.

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