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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Don't ever scare bored black people

Notice that he didnt get scared a bit!! haha he just reacted. I like how he just fell straight back down and that will be funny if he broke anything. I love how after the punch he transforms into an owl with wings and tried to camouflage with the wall to try to get away with it. Nooottt this time! Black people have developed a keen six sense when white men jump out of nowhere wearing a mask, there instant reaction is to punch them directly in the face. This keen reaction they developed came from the bored days when there people where in bondage and slavery. Yeah
so um I tested this at school the other day and not only did the black bored student punch me in the face and gave me a nose bleed. This is true, his punch broke his entire face. I like how he turns his head like a robot. This happened to my friend! He scared the parent of one of the kids and he got punched in the face! My friend doesn't go trick or treating anymore. I'd bring this guy with me to dark,dangerous places anytime. How can someone bored say that this is fake because someone is laughing because if I was there I would laugh even if I got punched I
would laugh that's funny.

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