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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Funny reasons to not consume drugs. He was maybe bored.

10 reasons to not consume drugs when you drive. Damn, even if you were bored and high how the hell could you glue your face to the wheel... oh wait I forgot a friend of mine did it sober. Fantastic! gets better every time I watch. Extasy is the best in this video. Wait... i shouldn't smoke weed while driving because i will laugh. Excellent ,i hope every bored kid around the world could learn from this! say no to drugs, say yes to life! A Latvian friend showed this to me three or four hours ago, I don't speak German but I still haven't stopped pissing myself laughing at it downright dirty. So be aware of drugs it's bad as you can see he won't ever arrive to the spot he wanted. But it looks funny well this guy has some nice "reason videos" you should watch them it's really funny for bored people.

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