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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

There's no way to don't laugh even you are bored!

Chain laughing mostly on skype. BuckHead shows Bubba and Melanie a Chain Laugh video and hopes to keep it going. Well you know when you see something funny and you can't stop laughing and what about if you are watching someone laughing and that is all about. This video is really dedicated for bored people there you will laugh even you actually don't want. The best video ever! i laughed all the time . Old man going hyon hyon made me laugh. I tried to watch the hole thing without smiling or laughing. i busted out laughin. Blackman laughing shaking his head made me burst out laughing. It shows how nice is when you just smile or laugh so keep it going and laugh with them. Be part of the big chain that is actually on youtube or create a new video.

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