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Monday, 20 September 2010

Funny difference between bored guys and girls!

This video shows the funny difference between guys and girls. Everyone likes different things. This never gets old. It is a men's dream to have it at home. I cant stop watching this,bloody hilarious.the guy flapping his hands and pulling that face..fantastic. This advert kills me! That guys face! He looks like he may have just laid an egg! Agree, probably the best ad I have ever seen. Absolutely one of the best commercial ever made. Every man deserves his own walk in fridge! When I first saw this advert I fell off my sofa from laughing so hard. One of the best recent ads I have seen! That girls were bored anyway. This is probably the best commercial in the world. First thing I am going to do when i get a house is get a fridge like this. Does anybody know who designed this advert? I do not care what other people say.. But I love heineken beer. And this commercial is funny and it never gets you bored. Saw this on tv yesterday and had to hunt it down for future reference. Hilarious and always good to do the reverse twist. Shows the stupidity of certain behaviours. This is so funny cause it would be so true.

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