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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Charlie Sheen on drugs maybe bored

I was really shocked, when I saw him in this bored interview. He looks so sick. Do I look like that when I try the drug called "Charlie Sheen"? *lol* I think he's high all the time. And look at her face when he sais "Charlie Sheen". She seems to be disgusted. A lot of us have been down the road that Charlie's been down, some of us are still above ground, a lot are NOT. I'm not here to denegrate Charlie, or to judge him, just to try to help from one human to another. I lost a lot of me when I went down that road, almost died a few times, but when the dust cleared....I was still above ground. I'm blessed, bored, and just want to share it. Ha-ha, who am I to judge? Who is he to judge of people who are not on the same bored level as him. I admire him for trying to get answers to some questions, but the guy is a borderline sociopath. He says he loves his wife, but then goes off and has threesomes. People like him often end up in a gutter somewhere; just hope it doesn't happen to him. He's a great, he's honest, he doesn't care of what people think. You know, at the end of the day, you have to admit that he's a hella cool guy. I don't know him personally but, Charlie Sheen is cool. And Two and a half Men is funny.

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  1. I don't get all the fuss about him, he's loving the attention though.


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