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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How I generate $6 daily doing nothing just sharing links

Hey guys, so theres couple of new ways to make few $$ every day ~ $3/daily at minimum.

Display banners and get paid for clicked links.

So first thing is, that's a website that gives you money for clicked links, whenever someone visit your website you get paid, whenever they click your link you get paid. So instead of sending a friend or sharing a link that look like this you send this

Adfly = +- $2 daily

To double the earnings simply join CashPiggy, you know send people surveys and fill them out.

 Those links are great but a better combo is links + banners and another popups so another great website is Clicksor. Clicksor gives you money for clicked links or banners, those ads are shown as image or even intext so theres a big chance people will click it.

 Clicksor = +- $1 daily

Another option is to start trading stocks (seriously), I will invite you to website that earned me around $300, the website is called Etoro. And now I have invited you so you can start buying and selling stock market. Usually with Etoro you earn +- 3$ daily.

So that's 6$ with a little effort.


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