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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Far Cry 3 Savegames fix finally working

Far Cry 3 Fix for savegames

If you have problems with Far Cry 3 savegames then you might try these tips it's free I swear lol (many scammers these days). So now you can load your save games and continue from your last play.
 Don't wait for any crack, for any patch for any other guide I've tried all (even hex editing some values like that no HUD tweak) so let's get started
far cry 3 reloaded version

install that game (haha obvious)

3but do not patch this game just copy cracks over previous files

now BLOCK farcry3.exe, farcry3_d311.exe, fc3updater.exe with some 3rd party firewall - COMODO, or online armor whatever (you can also BLOCK pnkbuster - punkbuster)

now when you run the game (make sure you run every file as admin)

the game might not say "connection failed" it will just log in/accept that you are offline WHATEVER but ubisoft has not got any chance to BAN you or reroute your savegames (because if you buy game your save game file will be .save if you "piraet pls" then your save game will be .sav)

now check if you can save game by completing first mission (when you run forest quit game) and go to next step because you can loose your savegames in future
Here are save games - defeating citra and entering second island. (working DLC The Lost Expedition)

7 a if you HAD have savegames and can't continue do this >

7 b you need to download this and follow the steps
Additionally go to properties of orbit folder and TICK OFF read only, and add FULL privilegies.
download Fix FarCry3 save games
(it's free I'm not fking scammer with pay per SEND SMS and shit, I've just put adfly to get some kudos)


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