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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Far Cry 3 If your savegames disappeared then you may try out this save game Bug Fix [working update]

Far Cry 3 Fix for diseappearing save games [works like a charm] 

(you can leave out this part and go straight to °How to fix save games fail?)

Far Cry 3 got well-known issue with savegames which is really annoying and so that's why I tried to get back my lost savegames and finally continue my game progress. The internet is full of not working guides and scams so I decided to figure this problem out and inform you about it and believe me or not it's working so let's get started.

Enough talking (lol jk)
°How to fix save games fail?)
1» Install Far Cry 3 Reloaded version
  • [don't forget to download those files, seems like a lot of you haven't read the whole instructions there's more and it's kinda important to make it longterm .. just sayin and goodluck] 
2» Install all the additional crap like directx, gotta be cool

3» don't patch to 1.01 we need only crack files from there, so overwrite old files in your installation folder

4» now the firewall blocking part (use for example online armor, comodo etc.) find these files: far cry3.exefarcry3_d311.exe, fc3updater.exe and BLOCK them so Ubisoft can't see the fuk are you doing

5» now the game should be running as administrator (in \Orbit\46\ add FULL privilegies including ALL and UNTICK read only)

6» now the interesting thing on menu is that you won't get connection failed, you will be "successfully" connected to Ubisoft servers in fact you are offline for them but cracked and blocked files did this magic.

7» now you need to test if it saves games so complete the first mission when you run forest and if it does do the last step to prevent losing save games in future, we have to make it permanent so you won't lose save games again
btw if you want/can't find save games - defeating monster at citra and entering second island. (working DLC The Lost Expedition)

8» to prevent losing savegames  >
you need to download this and follow the steps

additionally Far Cry 3 freez/crash bug fix (some people got it work)

(everything is free, no surveys, no SMS shit, only adfly :>)

Have Fun Guys

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