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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Triple COMBO - Fun even in jail? Sure.

Triple COMBO #50
Hello followers How are you? Enjoying the summer? Sure you do but you know sometimes when it's raining you can still play some games on the internet. Guess what? It's time for another Triple c-c-c-ombo of addictive timewasting games.
Pick the Perp
Bored Level [1]
Click on the perp who you think was booked for the crime shown. You can also use the number keys (1-5) to make your selectio
Bored Level [2]
You have 90 seconds clear the screen in each level. Group three or more balls of the same color together to clear them from the screen. Move the mouse to position shooter. Click the left button to shoot.
Can you beat it?
Bored Level [3]
This game is very small, but very challenging. Can you beat it? I can't even get past that wall.
Overall score: [?]
Maybe you were asking :"What should i do when im bored?". Well, this blog is full of fun things to do when bored such as most addictive games, cool websites and more.


  1. That guy in the Perp picture looks like a pedophile lol
    And the last one reminded me of the scary maze where out of nothing that The-Ring-girl pops up and scares you to death ;)

  2. omg Great blog :D followed :D very nice ;p

  3. very interesting, ill try it out right now

  4. How the heck can you do the last game D:

  5. Oh shit the tird game is so hard couldn´t make it

  6. Interesting... I followed btw :)

  7. hmm.. i wanna try :)

    nice blog + following


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