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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Triple COMBO - Fast reactions

Triple COMBO #45
Like the title says today you need fast reactions so prepare your 6th senses and try to be successful in these time wasters. At least you will learn something new about this world.
Cursor chaos

Bored Level [1]
Place your fingers on the keyboard and get ready for 42 levels of frantic mini-game action! All games are played with the arrow keys and/or space bar.

Puzzle Farter

Bored Level [2]
Puzzle Farter is a free online arcade game, created by a small independent Flash game developer named Pet Tomato, Inc. In the game, you control a nerdy goldfish, who can fly by the power of his own farts. Avoid enemies like: Clever Blowfish, Mischievous Cats, Bouncing Birds, Yo-Yo
Frogs, and Pointy-Pointy's and get to the exit safely. Thanks for playing!

How well do you know your world?

Bored Level [3]
A fun way to learn about where places are in the world is to take advantage of the plethora of free geography games on the Internet. One such game is “How Well Do You Know Your World?” The object of the game is to accurately locate places on the world map as quickly as possible

Overall score: [?]
Maybe you were asking :"What should i do when im bored?". Well, this blog is full of fun things to do when bored such as most addictive games, cool websites and more.


  1. I love that last one!! So much fun.... gunna have to share this one out to a few people I know who will enjoy it.

  2. Just finished my first go of that last one with: 21,450.

    I suck.... -_-

    Awesome game though!

  3. Oh wait. Apparently my final score was actually:


    with a traveller IQ of 100 and finishing level 6.

  4. my brain capacity isnt high enough for these

  5. I play these types of games all the time, great blog!

  6. thanks for sharing this !!

  7. I suck at these trivia games!! lol.

  8. This one is really working my brain.

  9. I'm always so bored before I come here and then I get my little dose of good fun. Thanks again.

  10. Thanks for the mini games, Im playing them as I type this message :P

  11. Have my sister's kids visiting today. I think Puzzle Farter may be on the menu for them. However, if her mom refuses I'll have to go with How Well Do You Know Your World...meh!

  12. haha, nice job, you got Erika hooked^^

  13. I got to level 6 for the world game, but my geography is terrible.

  14. My geography skills finally had some use.

  15. interesting post keep it up =D


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